1001 Uses For Dental Floss #26- Floss Guitar

So after all that religion in #25, let’s lighten up a bit with this simple and entertaining video by Euan Dobson, showing us how he strings a classical guitar with dental floss. Listen to how beautiful it sounds. Cool!


1001 Uses For dental Floss #8 – Frank Zappa’s Dental Floss Crops

Raising a crop of dental floss

Frank Zappa, the great, quirky songwriter-musician, wrote the song Montana in the early 1980s. It’s performed by his band, The Mothers Of Invention, on the album Overnite Sensation. In it he sings about moving to Montana, where he would raise a crop of dental floss, wax it, and sell it in small white boxes uptown. His aim in the song was to become a dental floss tycoon, responding to the great demand for the product. He may be alluding to some other product which might be more lucrative, but that’s just a guess. Look up his band’s performance on YouTube and learn to sing along. And floss.

It really doesn’t grow on trees.