1001 Uses For Dental Floss #59- Fashion Toothpastes

A little late for the end-of-year holidays, but I can’t always be up-to-date on everything dental. Now toothpaste has joined so many other products as worthy of a fashion article. In Vogue Magazine, an article of 8 toothpaste products deemed worthy of being considered as gifts (and why not throw in some floss) was in the December 20 issue, just in time for those last-minute head-scratchers trying to come up with the ultimate unusual and impressive article for the gift stocking. They come in a variety of flavours, including:

1. David’s Natural Toothpaste, touted as being fluoride-free (actually not a good thing, in my professional opinion) and sulphate-free (I don’t know what the value of this is, but I’m not a chemist or public health person.

2. Lebon Cinnamon-Mint flavour

3. Jarvis Jasmine Mint

4. Theodent Kids, which has a chocolate flavour

5. Couto Pasta Dentifrica

6. Acca Cappa

7. Boka Mint Natural Toothpaste

They all look fancy and flavourful, and may make you feel good about taking care of your teeth, so check them out. Not an endorsement, though, just thought this was interesting. I haven’t looked into the prices or availability, though.

So, brush your teeth every day and floss them too. Again, floss your teeth.
But like one of my dentistry teachers once told his patients, only floss the teeth you want to keep. I case you have favourites.

To see the original Vogue article, go to:



1001 Uses For Dental Floss #37- Fun With Floss- Eye Makeup

I have to confess that I know next to nothing about makeup, but this is one of the fun posts, so I’m copying what I’ve seen somewhere else. Please bear with me if I err.

Yes, you can use dental floss to apply makeup to your eyelids. It seems that there are plenty of ways to apply eye shadow–gold thread, stencils (tiny ones, I guess), airbrush guns (ow! keep your precious eyes tightly shut!), besides the usual brush.

The fashion guy, Anthony Vaccarello had a fall show where make-up artist Tom Pecheux wanted, according to the article, to create a look that was rock and roll, glamourous, sophisticated, and disco, all wrapped together into one tight rapidly spinning and shining disco ball. The makeup artist was trying to emulate a look that echoed an ‘80s attitude of black with red ruffles. Having an appointment with his dentist the next day (a female dentist?–he doesn’t say) his mind went flying around in Dental Land, and lo and behold, he thought, Floss! Why not use floss to apply lines of eye liner? Not bourgeois, he thought–more artsy and a bit worn away–like old paint on the walls of a slightly rundown ancient theatre, I suppose.

He had already done this before, for a magazine shoot, so he wasn’t all that original, but artists are always original, even when they’re being derivative with their own material, and he already had the technique down pat, so why not?

He used waxed floss to pick up the black eyeliner and then press it across the eyelid, and then, for dramatic effect, rolled the floss across a tube of red lipstick and and then along the lids. And here you can see the result. Dramatic, artsy, and wild.

Ladies, are you ready to try this? But don’t forget your teeth. Use another piece of floss, though.