1001 Uses For Dental Floss #33: Setting A Guinness World Record

Some people will do just about anything to become “famous”.

A total of 1,470 people comprising students, parents and teachers from Lake Norman Elementary School and Brawley Middle School (USA), flossed their teeth for 55 seconds on a single line of dental floss measuring 1,828.8 m (6,000 ft) at Lake Norman Elementary School, Mooresville, North Carolina, USA on 19 March 2004. The event was organized by the Lake Norman Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. Doesn’t sound very sanitary. I hope they didn’t try to flush it afterwards.

But don’t go away, there’s more. There are Guinness World Records for pretty much everything under the sun, and even a few things that the sun never shines on. For the dental floss and general dental obsessives out there, here are Guinness World Records for:

The largest toothpick mosaic: The largest toothpick mosaic was 40.521 square metres (436.16 square ft) and was created by the students of Tsugeno High School (Japan). It was finished and presented in Aichi, Shinshiro City, Japan, on 5 October 2008. All 229 students of the school participated in creating the mosaic, they used a total of 1,620,840 toothpicks in seven different colours.

The largest toothpaste tube: The largest tube of toothpaste measures 2.957 m (9.7 ft) long and weighs 780 kg (1,719 lb). It was made for the Zhonghua toothpaste brand by Unilever in Shanghai City, China and was unveiled on 20 September 2005.

The oldest person to grow a new tooth: The oldest person to grow a wisdom tooth: Brian Titford (b. Australia, 14 January 1933) had two upper wisdom teeth erupt at the age of 76 in March 2009. The new teeth were extracted to re-establish a stable denture. Mr. Titford’s dentist is Dr. Peter Klein of Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

The widest human tooth extracted: The widest human tooth was extracted from nine-year-old Shane Russell (Canada) on 28 June 2000. The tooth measured 1.67 cm (0.6 in) wide. The average width of a natural maxillary central incisor is 0.892 cm (0.3 in). The tooth has a length of 2.05 cm (0.8 in).

The longest line of toothpaste tubes: The longest line of toothpaste tubes is 1,688 and was created by Procter and Gamble Oral Care in Evian-les-Bains, France, on 26 June 2014.
The smallest tooth extracted: A primary tooth (tooth E) extracted under local anaesthesis from Colton Laub (USA) on 30 October 2002 by Dr. Scott Harden (USA) at Fountain View Family Dentistry, Acworth, Georgia, USA, measured 3mm (0.1 in) long. The average length of a microdont tooth is 13 mm (0.5 in).

The longest milk (AKA baby) tooth: The longest milk tooth is from Ahmed Afrah Ismail (Maldives) measuring a total of 2.3 cm (0.91 in) having a crown length of 1.0 cm (0.39 in) and a root length 1.3 cm (0.51 in). The tooth was measured in Male, Republic of Maldives on the 28 December 2000.

The largest collection of toothbrushes: Grigori Fleicher (Russia) has a collection of 1,320 different tooth brushes as of 5 November 2008.

The largest toothpaste tube collection: The largest collection of toothpaste tubes is 2,037 and belongs to Val Kolpakov (USA), in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, on 15 June 2012.
The oldest milk tooth: The oldest milk tooth belongs to Joyce Walen (b. 8 January 1927) of Capitola, California, USA, who still retained a deciduous tooth (upper left H) as of 25 February 2014, at the age of 87 years 48 days.

The largest toothpick sculpture: The largest toothpick sculpture is an alligator named Alley, made by Michael Smith (USA), which contained over 3 million toothpicks, was 4.5 m (15 ft) long, and weighed 132.4 kg (292 lb) when measured at Galvez Middle School, Prairieville, Louisiana, USA on 22 March 2005.

The longest human tooth extracted: The longest human tooth extracted measured 3.2 cm (1.26 in), which was removed from Loo Hui Jing (Singapore) in Singapore, on 6 April 2009. The procedure took place at the Eli Dental Surgery and performed by Dr. Ng Lay Choo.

The smallest tooth ever extracted: A primary tooth (tooth E) extracted under local anaesthesia from Colton Laub (USA) on 30 October 2002 by Dr. Scott Harden (USA) at Fountain View Family Dentistry, Acworth, Georgia, USA, measured 3mm (0.1 in) long. The average length of a microdont tooth is 13 mm (0.5 in).

The youngest person to have a wisdom tooth extracted: Matthew Adams (USA) (b. 19 November 1992) had his lower two wisdom teeth removed due to lack of space at Midland Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Michigan, USA, on 24 October 2002 when he was aged 9 years 339 days.

The most toothpicks rotated in the mouth simultaneously: The most toothpicks rotated in the mouth simultaneously are 35 and were achieved by Stefano Goina (Italy) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 11 March 2010. The record was part of the Italian TV show “Lo Show dei Record”.