1001 Uses For Dental Floss #40- Floss In The News

Isn’t it always in the news?

No, I guess not. Today’s Montreal Gazette carried an article about the new Oralgem floss dispenser that is being marketed for public rest rooms, such as in restaurants. I’ve already written that this is commonplace in Brazil (Use #7, way back in the archives). Some of the interesting facts contained in the article have been mentioned in various posts on this blog. Good luck to these young entrepreneurs, Marta Correia and Danny Filippone. May the floss be with you.

Anyway here is the link:



2 thoughts on “1001 Uses For Dental Floss #40- Floss In The News

    • It’s right above the sink, in which patrons with the good sense to floss should also have the good sense to wash their hands before flossing. That’s the theory. I don’t know if the practice will happen as it should.


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