1001 Uses For Dental Floss #41- More Fun With Floss- Nail Art

More make-up fun with floss, again.

Okay, so you thought putting a striped design with floss and eyeliner on your eyelids wasn’t enough. You were right. You can also use dental floss to put a striped art design on your fingernails (and toenails too, if you want, I guess). Safer than on the eyes, and you can do this by applying nail polish with a floss pick (watch the video), but if you want to use conventional floss which requires both hands to manipulate it, you’ll need a friend to help you. You could probably do a crisscross design too if you hold the floss right.

These techniques for applying makeup with floss only need a little imagination and originality. Can you stripe your lips this way too? So far no one has tried and made a YouTube video to show how. Be the first, record it and then post it. Become a star.


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